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APC must stop politics of deceit, says Ibeno PDP Chieftain

A chieftain of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in Ibeno Local Government Area has reacted to the recent media report by handlers of the All Progress Congress (APC) alleging that over 300 members of his party have defected to APC.

According to him, “only five persons defected to APC yesterday. Even the party themselves were surprised and disappointed. Those that defected were Barrister Rex Ulaeto, Hon. Enyina Ukana, Hon. George Ekah, Hon. Patrick Usenekong and Mrs. Antonia Bassey Asuquo.”

The chieftain, a close ally of the Transition Chairman, High Chief Mkpa who does not want his name on print, said “the media strategy of the APC is untrue, insincere and the height of deceit to the people of Akwa Ibom. A situation where you misinformed the public to get cheap popularity is very bad. Everybody has the right to association and political affiliation. If you stage a rally and get so disappointed over the number of new members, must you deceive the people by telling them you got 300 new members whereas you only got five? APC must stop this politics of deceit.”

“For instance, Mrs. Antonia Bassey Asuquo is from Ward 3 and she has never been a card carrying or financial member of the PDP. She has never for a day participated in anything politics in Mkpanak let alone Ibeno. Her membership in the APC is her first time out in politics. The husband, as we speak, is a politician and a financial member of PDP.”

Explaining further, he said “Hon. Patrick Usenekong, whom until the day of his defection was the Secretary of Ibeno Local Government Revenue Committee, set up by the Transition Chairman. He left PDP because the Transition Chairman ordered Police to arrest and detained him for going behind to collect money from an oil servicing company that operates in ExxonMobil field without remittance to the Local Government Revenue Account. Hon. George Ekah, a two term Councillor and a staunch supporter of the Transition Chairman, was the Returning Officer of the PDP in Ward 10 in the last Ward Congress, got angry with the Transition Chairman for refusing to assist him with money to settle a Court case in a matter that he was charged for bunkering after being arrested by Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) in Akwa Ibom Territorial Waters.”

“Barrister Rex Ulaeto, a close ally of Obong Nsima Ekere, had tried severally in the past to win the Chairmanship of Ibeno Local Government Council without any success. Records have also shown that he had never contributed to the coffers of the PDP and as such the PDP sees him as a surplus to its requirements. The PDP family was very upset when he was made a Transition Secretary in the Local Government Council and also Chairman of State Scholarship Board, courtesy of his friend, Barrister Ibanga Akpabio. Hon. Enyina Ukana, who complained seriously to everyone that cares to hear of his marginalization by the Transition Chairman after being used as a Ward Returning Officer in the last PDP Ward Congress, is also believed to have left the party due to the inability of Transition Chairman to pay his house rent. He crossed over to the APC without any of his supporters joining him,” he explaind.

The chieftain said their departure has further revealed the politics of deceit played by the APC, maintaining that “we have a video clip of the entire ceremony of APC yesterday (June 9, 2017) in Iwuoachang to show to the entire world how deceitful the APC is in Akwa Ibom State. Ibeno Local Government Area is a PDP local government and will remain so.”

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