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The flight of intellectualism, by Toyo Jimmy

As a society progresses, intellectualism should be on the rise. This is because intellectualism is a necessary product of a progressing and literate society. However, this reasonable assumption seems not to be the case in Nigeria. Intellectualism, the use and development of intellect, seems to be in full flight, and …

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Eka Udo’s Confession, By Ifreke Nseowo

2016 has been an interesting year. Yes, interesting, in whichever angle you want to look at it from. The word and the reality called recession has made the year very interesting in Nigeria. It’s been trending in the whole county. Back here in Akwa Ibom, nothing really trended apart from …

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Akwa Ibom son wins Young Laureate by Rolex

“Nigerians are very intelligent, hardworking, industrious, resourceful and hospitable” – DORA AKUNYILI The above quote by our late minister for information, an inimitable woman of depth, captures our abiding nature as Nigerians. She said those words during the launch of “good people great nation” national rebranding exercise; a national campaign …

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Engr. Ekerette Usak Heralds Hope of successful Industrialization Drive in A’Ibom: Mechanical Engineering Factor, By Joseph Athanasius

The role of mechanical engineering to any industrialized state across the world cannot be underestimated. Reasons are obvious. It influence is varied and complex. This is because its fields are manufacturing and industrialization, and the emphasis has always been as a necessity in the area of small and medium scale …

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