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Count Ephraim Inyang, Glory Edet out of your woes, Ikono youths warn Macaire

Emmanuel Ukpong-udo a.k.a Macaire


Our attention has been drawn to a publication in a section of the social media and a few local tabloids in the state signed by one David Akpan Ntuk, a self-styled  political  Analyst  and the International Chairman of Association of Home-Based Politicians, addressed  to the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Obong Paul Ekpo entitled “An open Letter to Obong Paul Ekpo, State Chairman, PDP”

Ordinarily, we would have ignored the whole rambling and dismissed it as nothing more than the rantings of a politically bruised man who feels terribly aggrieved at the wholesome defeat of his paymaster Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo, the self-acclaimed Political Leader of Ikono at the recently concluded PDP primaries. But whereas Mr Ntuk in the confusion-ridden  thesis, had succeeded in  making a number of false and unsubstantiated  claims and  allegations as well as insulted the  sensibilities of some persons of undeniable repute, we have chosen to react and accordingly put the records straight.

We wish to state unequivocally that against the false claims by the like of David Akpan Ntuk and his co-travellers, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong Udo, the Managing Director of Macaire Resort, isNOT the Political Leader of Ikono. Not only does he lack the basic qualities of maturity, experience, carriage, candour and political clout that would have combined to EARN him such status, his social lifestyle does not portray him as such. We concede that he has bought a few vehicles for his friends and social acquaintances, but this is not enough for him to impose himself on the highly enlightened, politically-conscious and intelligent people of Ikono as theirPolitical Leader. If anything, the very first time Mr Ukpong-udo featured in the politics of Ikono was  as a political contractor during the 2015 general elections, when he, buoyed by the huge amount of money he made while serving as “Special Assistant” to a former Minister,  gambled and invested in political office seekers across party lines, including APC and Accord Party.

We challenge Mr David Akpan Ntuk to convince us that the like of highly revered and generally acceptable leaders like Chief Michael Afangideh of Essien Udim, Chief A. S. Akpan of Etim Ekpo, Chief Nduese Essien of Eket, Elder Benjamin Udobia of Esit Eket, Chief Otu Robert of Ini, etc emerged Political Leaders one year after they ventured into political gambling and profiteering investment by supporting governorship candidates of different political parties in the same election?

Or has Mr David Akpan Ntuk ever asked his “Political Leader”, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo why he for instance, deliberately runs away from sitting on the same row with the aforementioned indisputable Political Leaders from other local Government Areas at public functions and generally fails to associate and mingle with them. Or don’t birds of a feather flock together?

We wish to urge Mr David Akpan Ntuk to desist from attempting to deceive gullible members of the public into believing  that the mushroom political group he founded in 2016 to further the cause of  Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo is some sort of umbrella socio-political group for Ikono Politicians resident at home. We all know that the group was formed after Mr Ukpong-Udo failed in his desperate lobby to be appointed Commissioner. The whole essence of forming the group was to gradually build a destructive  campaign machinery against the re-election bid of His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel on the guise that he is not a home-based politician but  in the words of Mr Ukpong-Udo and his co-travellers, a Lagos returnee. Mr Ukpong-Udo should not think that we have  forgotten how he went about after he failed to become commissioner abusing and cursing the Commissioner for Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang and the Governor, His Excellency, Mr Udom Emmanuel for failing to make him Commissioner after all the money he claimed he gave to the duo during the 2015 electioneering.

For the purpose of argument, the fundamental question Mr David Akpan Ntuk should answer is, “Who is  a home-based politician? Is Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo who works in Port Harcourt and Visits Uyo every other weekend a home-based politician? Or is Mr Akpan Ntuk himself, who plies his herbal medical practice in Ikot Ekpene a home-based politician? We hereby advise Mr Ntuk to desist from this hypocritical deceit, and stop seeking undue attention.

On Mr David Akpan Ntuk’s wailings over the resounding victory that the prefered Ikono chairmanship candidate of PDP, Mr Itoro Columba recorded over the multiple aspirants  his pay master, in his state of confusion, had fronted, we fully understand how Macaire’s camp feels. Their wailings are justified in the fact that you cannot beat a child and expect it not to cry.

Truth is, it takes minds like Mr Ntuk who believe that political popularity lies strictly on how many bottles of Gulder and sticks of cigarettes one can consume and buy for others to have dreamt of any other choice over Itoro Columba in the PDP primaries.

Ikono people know better and would not have sacrificed Mr Columba and the excellence he represents on any altar; not with the stellar performance of the accomplished media entrepreneur and professional journalist in just 14 months while serving as the Transition Committee Chairman which are in the public domain, even in the midst of daunting financial challenges. We know that Mr Ntuk had wished for some like-minded members of “Nka Akam Macaire”, but the PDP delegates went for a man who  by performance had emerged the Best Local Government Chairman in AKwa Ibom state and the Overall National Winner of the Local Government Merit Award (LOGMA) 2017 in Poverty Alleviation.

It amounts to double-speak for Mr Ntuk to, in one breath attribute  Mr Columba’s landslide victory to God’s divine intervention and in another, blame their failure on the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Dr Glory Edet. We advise Mr Ntuk to stick to his former position that God, the giver of power actually intervened and His intervention led to Mr Columba scoring 72 out of the 78 declared votes at the primaries .

It is very disheartening that Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo sees political blackmail and character assassination as his stock-in-trade. This explains why we are not surprised at the constant attacks he has been using his cronies to    launch at people  who are higher than him by certain standards. As earlier stated, after he failed in his bid to become a commissioner, he resorted to blackmailing the Governor and the Works Commissioner  for not making him Commissioner, despite the millions he claimed he gave to them.

When earlier in the year, the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Dr Glory Edet, a proud daughter of Ntippe Ibibio elected to collaborate with the Ikono Council boss to empower Ikono widows, orphans and other less-privileged, he launched series of attacks on the large-hearted woman.

On the build-up to the PDP primaries, when it dawned on Macaire that the Governor had seen the good works of Mr Itoro Columba and was favourably disposed to supporting him to become an elected Chairman, Macaire released his attack dogs on the system and specifically attacked the Commissioner for Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang, claiming that he (Mr Inyang) was stoned with rotten eggs by Ikono people and alleging that the Commissioner wanted to impose Mr Columba on Ikono people.

And so this attack on the altruistic Women Affairs Commissioner, Dr Glory Edet by Mr David Akpan Ntuk, Macaire’s henchman, is not new to keen observers of Ikono politics. But we wish to advise our brother, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo to stop blackmailing the Governor, the Works Commissioner, the Women Affairs Commissioner and others. These prominent people are not his problems. His problems lie in his aggressive bigotry, solo disposition, flippancy, immaturity, aggressive and warring tendencies in the game of politics that requires co-operation, synergy and team work.

We challenge Mr Ntuk to produce evidence of the venue, date and attendance at the PDP Ikono Chapter enlarged Exco meeting where Dr Glory Edet was in attendance  and we will produce evidence of the huge contributions the like of  Dr Edet and Akparawa Ephraim Inyang made toward the successful coronation of the Paramount Ruler of Ikono, Edidem Nyong Udo Obop, an event he spurned because he was not conferred with the title of Obong Uforo Ikono. We will produce evidence of the empowerment programmes Dr Edet has done to the monarchy, the political class and the women of Ikono.

The little we know of Dr Glory Edet is that she is neither politically naïve and daft, nor is she blindly driven by ambition not to know that a shot at the Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency seat in the House of Representatives in 2019, is, going by existing zoning formula, the exclusive preserve of Ikono people. We understand that Macaire is nursing intentions to vie for the seat in question. He should rest, assured that Dr Edet is not one of his co-contenders.  This is a woman who has a second address as an accomplished academic and is not power-drunk like our brother.

We note with grave concern that a sitting Deputy Chapter Chairman of PDP in Ikono, in the person of Mr David Akpan Ntuk would issue vicious threats to a party that he feeds fat on and allude to possible “weeping, serious weeping” for PDP in Ikono if Macaire is not allowed to have his selfish, solo way in Ikono politics.

Our position is that we most heartily congratulate the Leader of the PDP in the State and the action-soaked Governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency, Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel on the very successful, free, fair and credible  process that  produced the Party’s best hands for the December 2, 2017 Local Government election.

If our brother, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo, his right-hand man, Mr David Akpan Ntuk and a few others did not have their wishes met, we sympathize with them and in the spirit of sportsmanship call on them to bury their hatchets and join hands to ensure that the PDP records a resounding victory at the December 2 polls and that our dear Governor is re-elected in 2019.

To our amiable Governor, we wish to re-assure His Excellency that whereas Ikono has benefitted immensely from the Midas Touch of this administration, through the construction of the 4.6km Mbiafun Nkwongo-Nung Ukim road, the upgrade  of the College of Science and Technology, the ongoing overhaul of the Ikono General hospital, etc, we will exceed the 40,000 votes feat of 2015 in 2019.

Finally, we  the youths of Ikono advise our brother, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo to repent from thinking that he alone can drive politics in Ikono. He should imbibe the spirit of team work, respect to elders, adherence to the norms of politics, guarded utterances and sportsmanship in managing defeat.

We further  strongly advise Mr Ukpong-udo to please avoid fanning embers of discord and attempting  to take us back to the dark days of Ikono politics. The Party Priimaries are done and dusted. Every patroitic party man should join hands in ensuring victory for PDP at the December 2 polls and guaranteeing electoral success for our principal and Leader, Mr Udom Emmanuel in 2019. We need him in the politics of Ikono. Let’s work together to build Ikono, the cradle of Ibibio Nation.

Long live Ikono Local Government Area

Long Live our leader, Gov. Udom Emmanuel

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Build the Youths… Build the Nation.

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