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Division in AKHA: Lawmakers against Property Charge Bill are frustrated – Pro-Onofiok lawmaker

Hon. Samuel Ufuo

The Member Representing Mbo State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. Samuel Ufuo has suggested that the lawmakers who are kicking against the controversial Property Charge Bill are frustrated.

The lawmaker who is pro-Onofiok made this known via a Facebook comment on a post where the Member representing ONNA State Constituency, Hon. Nse Essien was quoted as saying that he is against the Property Charge Bill.

Ufuo wrote: “Application of frustration aggression theory on pure legislative matters”.

Frustration Aggression Theory is a theory of aggression proposed by John Dollard, Neal E. Miller et al. in 1939, and further developed by Miller et al. in 1941 and Leonard Berkowitz in 1969.The theory says that aggression is the result of blocking, or frustrating, a person’s efforts to attain a goal.

The frustration–aggression hypothesis attempts to explain why people scapegoat. It attempts to give an explanation as to the cause of violence. The theory, developed by John Dollard and colleagues, says that frustration causes aggression, but when the source of the frustration cannot be challenged, the aggression gets displaced onto an innocent target.

There are many examples of this. If a man is disrespected and humiliated at his work, but cannot respond to this for fear of losing his job, he may go home and take his anger and frustration out on his family. This theory is also used to explain riots and revolutions. Both are caused by poorer and more deprived sections of society who may express their bottled up frustration and anger through violence.

With his comments, Ufuo may have suggested that the lawmakers are frustrated with the leadership of the Assembly, hence rejecting the bill to hit back at the Onofiok Luke leadership.

The main sponsor of the bill, Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh was however blunt on his assertion.

He said: “Coming out now to deny being a co-sponsor of the bill is very funny. About seven (7) of them who are doing that are anti leadership. They think by doing that they are rubbishing the leadership of the House. That is the angle they are coming from. If they said they opposed the bill in executive session, that is being ignorant of the law. Is there anything like executive session in the Standing orders of the House? The law does not recognize that. Be bold enough to state your mind at plenary”.

The likes of Nse Essien, Mark Esset, Monday Eyo, Aniekan Bassey, and Aniekan Uko who are said to be unhappy with the leadership of the state’s legislature have come out publicly to dissociate themselves from the said bill which has been tagged “Obnoxious” and ‘Anti-people”.

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