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Endangered species: Udom’s men move to block ‘audacious’ lawmakers’ 2nd term ambition

Elder Ufot Ebong

Governor Udom Emmanuel’s key men have moved to block some lawmakers in the state Assembly from making a return to the House in 2019. This, according to findings by TheMail is because of the recent disposition of some of members of the House which the governor’s men term disrespectful, audacious and daring.

According to our source, the likes of Hon. Idongesit Ituen who is the Member Representing Itu State Constituency and his Essien Udim counterpart, Hon. Nse Ntuen are now endangered species and have been marked ‘X’ and blacklisted by the governor’s cabal men who felt the duo have bitten more than they could chew by daring to summon one of their key men, Elder Ufot Ebong over the alleged poultry fraud.

According to our very reliable source, most of Governor Udom’s close aides, allies and members of the kitchen cabinet are miffed that Prince Idongesit Ituen and co could embark on such a macabre dance, promising to deal with him by denying him and his ‘cohorts’ a return to the House of Assembly.

It is learnt that some of the governor’s close men have vowed to get back at the lawmakers who constituted the probe panel, especially Messers Ituen and Ntuen.

They frowned at the audacity of Ituen, whom they described as being an arrogant and proud young man who needs to be tamed.

The governor’s ‘cabal men’ are said to have discovered that the recent warrant of arrest issued on Elder Ufot Ebong by the probe committee was a deliberate ploy by Hon. Ituen and Hon. Ntuen to embarrass the governor’s senior aide.

Ufot Ebong is said to have bragged to the cabal that he alongside a certain influential politician in the state sponsored Idongesit Ituen’s first term ambition, wondering what could have made him to bite the fingers that fed him.

As for Nse Ntuen, the cabal said his reason for hounding Udom’s men was because he is angry that the Ukana Cabal that hitherto held sway (which he – Nse Ntuen was a key member) no more has a say in political decisions in the state.

They said that Ntuen hid under the little mistakes in the publication of the names of beneficiaries of the Anchor Poultry Borrowers scheme to castigate and embarrass the governor’s men. The cabal vowed to make sure Ntuen does not return to the House and that even the intervention of his political benefactor, Senator Godswill Akpabio will not save him.

It could be recalled that Ufot Ebong who is the Dean of all the governor’s personal aides including Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants, Personal Assistants, and supervisors was summoned to appear before the ad-hoc committee set up by the AKHA to investigate the alleged irregularities in the poultry borrowers’ scheme.

Ebong, who is the Governor’s Senior Special Assistant on Technical Matters and Due Process travelled to Morocco for an official assignment, failing to show up in the committee’s probe sessions, prompting the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Idongesit Ituen to issue a warrant of arrest on him.

Upon his return from Morroco where he attended the Conference on Climate Change, Elder Ebong honoured the committee’s invitation and the warrant of arrest was revoked.

Speaking to TheMail on condition of anonymity, a lawmaker in the state assembly said the recent quizzing of Elder Ufot Ebong, the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary – Ekerete Udoh and other aides of the governor was a silent protest to show that the state’s chief executive is not treating them well.

Meanwhile, TheMail has scooped that contrary to rumour that the lawmakers were not given slots in the botched poultry borrowers’ scheme, members of the AKHA were actually given 100 slots.

We learnt on good authority that the Special Assistant to the Governor on Agriculture, Moses Armstrong gave 100 forms to the member Representing Nsit Atai State Constituency, Hon. Mark Esset in order for him to share the forms amongst himself and his colleagues.

It is understood that Hon. Esset thought the scheme was a fraud, hence collected the forms and dumped in his office. The truth however came out when there was such much hullabaloo about the scheme.

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