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Fuel subsidy removal: A timely blessing in disguise, by Jones Inyang

fuel subsidy The policy of fuel subsidy removal goes beyond what we see on the surface. Some alarming questions have to be answered before one join the bandwagons in vanity project.
Who are the beneficiaries of the fuel subsidy. The common Nigerian or the stakeholders of Nigeria?
The International Monetary Fund(IMF) research shows that more than 40% of fuel price subsidies in developing countries (Nigeria inclusive) accrue to the richest 20% of households, while only 7% of the benefits go to the poorest 20% (pulse.ng of Jan. 6, 2016)
Also, current statistic shows that at N145 per litre, the petrol price in Nigeria is about the lowest in West Africa (GlobalPetroleumPrices.com).
The essential fact remains that with the current economy and huge fall in oil prices which is expected to continue, the medium term foundations for economic resilience has deviated. To move forward, tough choices must be made.

Transformation is painful. Pains with hope is better than pains without hope. The pains arises from long dependence on a system of economy that is unsustainable and stiff-necked in the new time.

During the GEJ’s administration, there was stiff opposition from all and sundry concerning this subject matter which called for a deep reflection. Protest threats, civil societies actions, critics agitations became trendy overnight; opposition high jacked the idea for political gains.

This endless prevarication has kept Nigerians in the dark about real issues. Partial removal during GEJ’s administration gave birth to programs such as SURE-P; a program where a common Nigerian could access and benefit from, without having an Uncle or Aunt in Abuja. What if GEJ was allowed to remove the subsidy totally in his regime? Keep the answer!

Doing one thing for a long period of time and expecting a different result is the true definition of insanity. The deficiency of democracy is that sometimes the majority is not always right.

Should our elites in the Nigerian state who own about 15 refineries outside the country and has created about 3,000 jobs to foreigners continue their mischievous Black-Oppress-Black (BOB) concept?
Before any plant grows, there must be a fertile land is akin to before corruption strives there must be an easy way to steal money.

Fellow Nigerians, be alert. People who are the major stakeholders and gaining from the exploitation of their fellow countrymen will never support PMB’s revolutionary idea. They will sponsor deadly media attacks, support protesters and drag the innocent but ignorant into the aqua of darkness. Don’t be a victim.
However, we must learn to trust our President to act in our best interest.

Removal of Petroleum Subsidy is the best approach to transforming this impossible economy which was incinerated by few slave masters who leave the majority without hope or jobs.

To the organized Labour, I’ll advise that you agitate for an increment in salary package through negotiation and consultation due to upsurge inflation rather than avoidable protest /strike action or reversal of government’s policy.

To Civil Societies, I will encourage you to protest against Nigerians who have refineries outside the country to the detriment of others. Always speak up in defense of ordinary citizens.

To the free press, be the object of light, truth and liberty for the common man.

To politicians, evil should not prevail over evil, but light should. I agree totally with Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta, a federal lawmaker representing Ukwa Federal constituency of Abia state, during her interview with Thisday news, mused that President Buhari must apologize to former President Goodluck Jonathan for inciting massive protest against fuel subsidy removal in 2012 (www.killerpunch.com).

To Nigerians, do not allow the current hardship and status-quo of the nation becloud your sense of judgment. Learn from Venezuela. They enjoyed fuel subsidy but ran into food shortages (Nutritional emergency) and total Economic breakdown.

Finally, if federal government deregulation of the downstream sector will yield development, peace and security, create more jobs for the teaming population, I urge all progressives to support the positive move, after all who fuel subsidy bin epp apart from the pot-bellies? Always remember that hunger has no political party.

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