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Fuel Subsidy removal: APC led Federal Government has failed Nigerians – PDP Spokesman

PDP State Publicity Secretary, Comrade Ini Ememobong








The announcement of the removal of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit by the Federal Government has been greeted by widespread resentment and anger from innumerable Nigerians across tribe, religion, political affiliation and sex. The immediate pains and hardship caused by this singular action of the APC led Federal Government is manifestly obvious.

As a party that was blackmailed out of government at the centre we deeply sympathize with the APC led Federal Government over their clear inability to ensure a constant supply and free flow of petroleum products (even for two straight weeks) all over the country, since the inception of their administration. It is evident that this administration holds undisputed record of superintending over the longest fuel subsidy in the history of our country. This is clearly in opposition to their promise to Nigeria which included reduction of the price of PMS to 45 Naira per litre, constant supply of petroleum products to every part of the country. This is one failure too many, a change Nigerians never expected and bargained for.

We will like to remind the APC led Federal Government that the promises they made during their campaigns formed the terms of an offer, to which Nigerians accepted and those who were gullible enough, furnished the consideration with their votes – thereby satisfying the basic requirements for a binding contract, to which they estopped from reneging. We hereby call on the Federal Government to make good her promises to Nigerians, by reducing the price of petrol and making same available all year round to the citizens.

A twist to the APC led Government’s logic on the deregulation is the price control mechanism introduced by the Government. Deregulation means the removal of regulation, allowing the price to be determined strictly by the forces of demand and supply. We are totally confused when Government announce the deregulation but further pegged a price for the product. It is totally antithetical for the government to attempt to enforce both deregulation and price control simultaneously.

We commend Nigerians who have risen in unanimity against the strategic impoverishment plan of the current administration. The removal of the subsidy was manifestly ill-timed, without preparatory procedures and provision of post action palliatives, to cushion the effect of the action.

We urge Nigerians to remain resolute in their demand for execution of the contract which the Federal Government entered into with Nigerians, while anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to invalidate that fraudulent contract, through the ballot.


Comrade Ini Ememobong

State Publicity Secretary,

Peoples Democratic Party, Akwa Ibom State.

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  1. Well articulated truth. You can’t place something on nothing and expect it to stand…APC can not give what the don’t have that is democratic leadership devoid of democratic rulership with elements of militocracy…

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