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Hon. Otobong Akpan: An epitome of humility and focus in Legislative business

otobong akpan
Otobong Akpan

This piece is anchored on the past  365 days marking the first legislative  year of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (the sixth assembly) as well as in partial review of the milestone achievements of the member representing Ukanafun in the state legislature amongst other things.
However, a sober reflection or peep of the strides so far made by Hon. Otobong Akpan, of course the youngman who holds sway the seat of Ukanafun State Constituency could best be described as “a good piece of the eyes berg” to many keen followers of his representation. But, to the utter consternation of many, the member himself, while commenting on his effort during the past one year at the special ceremony held at the state hallowed chambers, yesterday, chose to be so humble in his remarks. He said that his effort in the past 365 days in office was “a foundation laying activities”.
This humble remark, to many, clearly point to his innate humble person as well as goes a long way to show his sense of determined focus and acute commitment to doing more for his constituents, who are already scoring him high for the strides recorded so far.
For the sake of putting the record straight, as a keen follower and believer of Hon. Otobong Akpan’s mandate, the past 365 days were inundated with people-oriented projects, though, these have been achieved without the usual pomp and panoply. He chose to remain silence while his good works are allowed to make the noise. This has been his self-soothing character to the chagrin of the noise makers.
During the past year, this erudite lawmaker has sponsored at least one laudable bill: “Akwa Ibom State Water Infrastructure” amongst other motions on the floor of the house. He has in umpteen times, been so vocal, contributing his quota to the issues brought before the house on plenary sessions. No wonder, as a result of his logical, critical reasonings, his colleagues – including the speaker, gave him the tag “The Sacrate of the

Sixth Assembly”. A sane-minded person especially one that is abreast of the workings of the legislature would no doubt succumb to the fact that “Deacon Otobong Akpan is an emerging star in the state legislature”. I see him as the man to watch in the political annals of Akwa Ibom State.
Of a truth, it is uncommon for a first timer, not a ranking member, to possess with so much cadences and nuances in legislative business. This is a rare virtue that must not only be watched but be applauded for it beauty and excellence.
At the home-front, Hon. Akpan is seen as a ‘jinx breaker, a role model, a beacon of hope and a shining star. His political background has much tales to tell on this note. Just as he used to say, he is a man that has not been in political circle before, except now. His voyage into the mucky rails of politics can easily be traced to the current political position. But, yet, he has not renege effort in learning the intriguing political arena.
Today, as he is marking a legislative year, trumpets are blown in the nooks and crannies of his constituency, signaling confidence vote and accolades of a well navigated trip of leadership. Those he has sponsored in schools, trades, as well as in socio-political circles not to mention here.
Finally, I want to on behalf of his numerous aides, join the thousands of Ukanafun Constituents to felicitate with you, for maintaining an  uncommon camaraderie with your colleagues and constituents. This is a proof that you are setting the pace and the foundation for glorious and prosperous legislative years ahead.
We will continue to stand by you in the true espirit de corp, till you get there.

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