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Kidnapped ONNA monarch reportedly found in Government House Clinic

The kidnapped village head of Afaha Ikot Edem Udo, Eteidung Akpan Ebong has reportedly been spotted at Government House Clinic. According to our government house source, the kidnapped monarch has been in the clinic for some days now, receiving treatment after falling sick in the hands of his abductors.

In the same vein, the kinsmen of the kidnapped village head have threatened the wife of the monarch to produce their village or tell them if he is dead. They said the village cannot be without a leader, and that they need their king dead or alive in order for the village to move forward.

They have reportedly given the abducted royal father’s wife an ultimatum to produce their Eteidung if he’s alive or not. The monarch’s wife is said to have responded that she will give them answer the following day but independent sources have told TheMail that the abducted village has been spotted in the government house clinic, Uyo.

It is so far two weeks since the village head was kidnapped and his whereabouts uncertain. It is reported that the wife of the abducted royal father was compromised by those in Henry Uffang’s camp. She is said to have told people that her husband is not abducted, instead she said her husband is sick and incapacitated. The people of the village in turn have declared that since their etteidung is sick which has led to his incapacitation (as the wife claims), the village will not take part in a sensitive process of electing a clan head.

Information at our disposal has it that the village head of Afaha Ikot Nkang, Eteidung Okon Jim Ibanga who escaped abduction recently has gone to the Hilltop Mansion to report the matter to ONNA people in government circles and has also reportedly lodged a complaint at the police station. He is one of the village heads who have vowed to vote Etteidung Raymond Inyang as the clan head.

Speaking to a state-based tabloid (not TheMail), Eteidung Okon Jim Ibanga said “No amount of millions will make me vote for another person apart from Chief Raymond Inyang. He has truly carried on well in the traditional institution and also has good plans for our people. This is why I had to do everything possible to escape on the day they came to capture me, the way they captured Eteidung Akpan Ebong of Afaha Ikot Edem Udo, from his sick bed.

“Last week Tuesday I had just woken up and then I heard the sound of a car in my compound. The driver whom I couldn’t recognize walked up to my door. When he met me, he told me that he was asked to bring me to Uyo by a government official. But quickly I remembered how Chief Ebong was taken away due to the Clan Head tussle. I quickly ran in, jumped through my window and headed straight for the bush.

“My wife also joined me. We ran and landed at a neighbouring village where we were secured by the village Head. I had to run because I realized that it was that same vehicle they have used to kidnap one other chief”.

Meanwhile, elites, youths and leaders of Awa Atai village in Onna Local Government Area have threatened to boycott all activities of the village and ask the village head to rule alone if he gives the village’s vote at the forthcoming Clan headship election to Etteidung Henry Tommy Ufang. They said the people of the village have chosen Etteidung Raymond Inyang as their preferred candidate for the position of clan head.

The ten Village Heads that make up Awa Afaha Clan in Onna Local Government Area have become endangered species because a certain camp allegedly in the business of abducting them so that they could be bribed with money and induced to vote for its candidate on the day of the election of Clan Head.

The tussle is between Eteidung Raymond Inyang, Village Head of Awa Ndon and Eteidung Henry Uffang, Village Head of Awa Atai.

Chief Raymond Inyang, a banker who has worked at home and abroad and has been Village Head for over Thirteen years. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Accountancy.

Inyang also holds a Masters Degree in Accounting and has spent his entire life working in the banking sector where he rose to the pinnacle of his profession and has also been offering social services to his people.

It will be recalled that Governor Udom Emmanuel recently created Awa Afaha Clan out of Awa Clan.

Awa Clan we gathered is to be renamed Asuna-Nung Oku Clan. Awa Afaha Clan now raises the Clans in Onna to four and they include Oniong, Nung Ndem, Awa Afaha and Asuna Nung Oku Clans.

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