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Motion on the “need for effective supervision and regulation of private Nursery/Primary and Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State”, sponsored by Barr. Aniefiok Dennis

Mr. Speaker Sir,

It is a trite fact that qualitative education provides the needed foundation for socio-economic and political development in any organized polity.

Education trains, disciplines and regulate the human mind to be useful to himself/herself as well as make meaningful contributions to the larger society.

It is due to the strategic and indispensable role of education in the development matrix of any society that emphasis has shifted lately from the definition of education as only the ability to read and write to development of intellect and entrepreneurial skills.

Evidence abound in Nigeria and Africa that due to dearth of infrastructure and qualified manpower, almost all tiers of our educational institutions are churning out functional illiterates. This regrettable phenomenon has adversely affected the quality of manpower available in the labor market and effective contributions to different facets of our socio-economic and political development.

It therefore, becomes pertinent that education, being a service that enjoys both public and private participation in Nigeria, be given more than perfunctory attention in the provision of infrastructure, quality manpower and regulatory measures. It is high time, more attention be paid to the quality of infrastructure, teachers and even environment that education is provided at the Nursery/Primary and Secondary tiers in our state by private individuals and bodies.

RECALL that our constitution (1999 as amended) permits both public and private participation in the provision of formal education services.

AWARE that in Akwa Ibom State, the state government has sunk substantial resources to provide standard infrastructure and qualified manpower at the Nursery/Primary and Secondary levels, most privately owned educational Institutions at these levels have fallen short of expectations both in infrastructure and manpower.

OBSERVE that the various agencies of the State government i.e Ministry of Education, Universal Basic Education Board, Local Education Authorities and State Secondary Education Board have implemented policies and programmes to maintain, regulate and improve standards in public schools; private educational institutions in the state are not effectively and efficiently monitored and regulated by relevant agencies of state government.

ACKNOWLEDGE that quality and functional education for our children can only be achieved through holistic learning and teaching curriculum as well as regulatory measures.



  1. THAT Special inspectorate committees be set up in the Ministry of Education and Local Education Authorities (LEAs) in the three senatorial districts of the state to handle approvals and regulations of establishment of private Nursery/Primary and Secondary Schools in the State.
  1. THAT all teaching staff in privately owned Nursery/Primary and Secondary Schools in the state must either be Registered or Registrable with the National Teachers Council of Nigeria.
  1. THAT considerations must mandatorily be given to location, playground, standard ventilated classrooms, offices for teaching staff, sick Bays/Paramedical staff and security before approval is given for the establishment of new private schools.
  1. THAT all existing private schools in the state be given reasonable time to update their learning infrastructure and teaching manpower to meet the new regulatory guidelines and measures.



Hon. (Barr) Aniefiok Dennis

Member Representing Etinan State Constituency.

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