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MR. TYRANT: Ephraim Inyang plots to replace Udom as governor in 2019

ephraim inyangThe Commissioner in-charge of Ministry of Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-eyen is nursing an unholy and highly over-ambitious plan of succeeding his friend and boss, Deacon Udom Emmanuel as Governor of Akwa Ibom State come 2019.
This plot by Akparawa Ephraim was leaked to TheMail by a source who is close confidant to the former Nigeria Customs Service officer.
TheMail learnt that that the plot by Ephraim is premised by talks in political circles that the governor will not vie for a second term in office after the expiration of his first term on May 29, 2019.
Ephraim’s hidden agenda is said to be the reason he wants to have full grasp of political structures, including outwitting Barr Emmanuel Enoidem to become Dean of Commissioners.
Several sources in the state executive council have informed TheMail how Ephraim who they described as being ‘power-drunk’ has divided Udom’s cabinet, blackmailing and bullying some of his colleagues into submission and being loyal to him.
They alleged that the ONNA-born Commissioner had immediately after the constitution of the state exco started lobbying to become Dean of Commissioners, only to be outdone by the more experienced Barrister Enoidem. Our sources informed us that Ephraim has not rested on his oars in his selfish bid to pocket his colleagues and get them to be unduly loyal to him.
‘Ephraim is arrogant, rude, crude and power-drunk. He has been fighting Enoidem in the state exco. He has succeeded in getting most of the Ibibio commissioners to be loyal to him, especially the new ones. But we the Annang Commissioners won’t succumb to his antics. I tell you, the state exco is divided. There are those loyal to Ephraim and those loyal to Enoidem’, said our source, a Commissioner of the  Annang extraction.
Ephraim Inyang who is one of the few influential commissioners with huge financial base and a member of Udom’s kitchen cabinet is said to have influenced the governor in to ignoring and starving other commissioners of funds. This antic by Ephraim, according to our findings is to reduce the financial war-chest of those he considers his opponents, especially the likes Emmanuel Enoidem, Enobong Uwah and other commissioners who had served in the Akpabio administration. ‘He wants to be the only cock that crows. He wants a situation whereby when he talks others bow and tremble but we are determined to fight him. His plans won’t work’, our source hinted.
This paper has also learnt that the hunky Commissioner has been having a cold war with Sir Emem Akpabio. Our findings reveal that Inyang wants to demystify Sir Emem Akpabio and strip him of his god-father status. Sir Emem  Akpabio was accorded

a god-father status in the last administration and most of the elected and appointed government officials were loyal to him.
It has been revealed to TheMail that Ephraim wants to exert such influence in the government of his ‘Onna brother and longstanding friend’.  Ephraim is quoted as saying to a friend that the reign of Sir Emem Akpabio and other Akpabio relatives is over, and that this is his own time to exert full authority over and galvanize the political class in the state.
Some political topshots from Eket Senatorial District have told TheMail of Ephraim Inyang’s many schemings to become the political leader of the senatorial district.
Speaking separately with this paper, our sources asserted that Ephraim is too over-ambitious and a bully who feels because of his closeness with the governor he can get anything he wants. They said it will be an insult to them for a new-comer in Eket politics to become their political leader when they have the likes of Benji  Udobia, Rt. Hon. Nduese Essien and other frontline elders.
‘It is already an insult for us for him to even nurse the idea of being the political leader of Eket Senatorial District. How long has he been into politics? He just left Nigeria Customs Service to join politics. It is sad because we have selfish politicians in Eket who are ready to sell their birthright for a plate of porridge. The truth is that most of these elders who should naturally be the political leaders of the senatorial district are too selfish. They don’t want to spend their money. So, it is Ephraim Inyang who is spending money in almost all the political activities here. That is what is giving him the audacity to aspire to become the political leader and I won’t be surprised if he gets it’, said one the sources.
Meanwhile, staff of the Ministry of Works have complained bitterly about Inyang’s alleged tyranny and arrogance to them. They told our reporter that the Commissioner has been oppressing them and that they work there in total fear. Some of them said they sorely miss the immediate past Commissioner, Mr. Don Etim for his humane nature and friendly disposition with staff of the ministry.

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