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My boys have denied me, some don’t even remember my name – Akpabio cries out

Immediate past governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio has made a startling revelation that the boys he made while in office as governor have now deserted and denied him.

The Senate Minority Leader stated this on Sunday during the 40th birthday and 10th marriage anniversary of the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly held at Full Life Christian Centre, Uyo.

The vocal and jovial former Governor said Onofiok Luke whom he turned from a boy to man has done well by recognizing him as his mentor and political father even after he has left office as governor.

“When Onofiok mentioned that in spite of anything, he would like his political mentor to say a word, I just said sometimes our people live in denial. If you enter into Shelter Afrique, you will see the street they call Akpabio Boys Street. Akpabio does not own one single house there. Those houses (149 of them) are owned by Akpabio boys but how many of those Akpabio boys can stand in public and acknowledge Akpabio? How many of the boys that Governor Udom Emmanuel is helping today can stand after he has left office in 2023 to acknowledge him?” Akpabio said when called up to the podium to speak.

He advised youths to take cue from Onofiok who has remained grateful to his mentor, saying most of the boys he made are ingrates.

“That’s why I want to tell you that this thanksgiving is special. And for the youths, please learn something from the Speaker because when you lift somebody’s hand up, your hand stays up but when you pull somebody down you stay down.

“Onofiok, God has not started with you. God says in the Bible that of all the sins on earth he is going to forgive all but the one he will not forgive is the sin of ingratitude.

“I look around, I have seen a lot of elders here (in church). One day as governor, I assisted an elder and the elder cried. I have assisted many elders like that.  I hinted him that Udom Gabriel Emmanuel will be the next governor of the state. He said is that so? He is a wonderful young man. The next day, he congregated a team of conspirators to stop the ambition of Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. When I heard of it I couldn’t believe it. I had just finished giving him money for his children’s school fees abroad. I didn’t have money but I gave him just N10m and he cried before me. He is from Akwa Ibom. So when I heard that he had decided to put a team together, I was shocked to my bone marrow. I said “Oh man”. This was what made God to cry when he looked at Jerusalem and the content of human beings. He said “Oh Jerusalem. You that killeth your prophets and conspire against your leaders. He said nations will defeat you hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years. But because of the covenant that God had with your fathers I shall bring you back at the appropriate time”, Akpabio said.

The Senator who is gunning for a second term in office come 2019 however urged other boys he turned to men to emulate Onofiok Luke by inviting him to their thanksgiving. He said some of his boys have forgotten his name.

“For the other boys that are here that I have made, please also invite me during your thanksgiving to God. Some of you have gone to the left, some of you don’t even remember my name. I have seen so many of you. I have so many occasions met some boys on the road where they were playing band, and I turned them from drummers into leaders. I have seen some boys who were messengers in offices and I called them and turned them into leaders. Not only are they owners of houses today. I have seen some who were cultists and I counselled them and told them that whoever handles the sword dies by the sword. I told them drop your swords and come and join me and they all came. But why am I not disappointed? Even Jesus invited 12 disciples but one of them was a Judas.

He said he discovered Onofiok in year 2002, turning around his life positively. “When you move with positive people positive things happen to you and vice versa”, Akpabio said.

He said Onofiok is his son whom he is well pleased.

“Onofiok Luke is my son and I’m proud of him. How many political beneficiaries can boldly standout to publicly acknowledge, appreciate and recognize their benefactors after leaving office, but Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke has today, among those I developed from boys to men, made me proud by recognizing me, after leaving office”, the Senator said.

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