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Oracle of Fraud: Commissioner gave trainees undertaking forms to fill to get laptops and forgo writing certification exams

Elizabeth Obot

A startling revelation has been made in the Oracle Database training organized for Akwa Ibom youths by the state government. Investigations by TheMail newspaper reveals that trainees were given the option of either choosing to write the exams and foregoing the laptops or getting the laptop and forego writing the exams.
To achieve this, findings reveal that the Commissioner in charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr Elizabeth Obot gave undertaking forms to the trainees to fill before getting their laptops, with a clause that they won’t be sponsored for the certification exams by government. Those who signed the undertaking form are to register for the exams with their own money.
It was earlier reported by TheMail that Udom Emmanuel had released funds to the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Science and Technology to take care of the training kits such as laptops and for registration of all the 215 trainees for the certification exams, a fact which has not been disputed by the ministry’s officials.
An official in the Ministry of Science and Technology who obviously feels sidelined in the alleged plans by Dr. Obot to swindle the state government and the trainees said the success of the training program is recorded in the number of trainees who have certification in Oracle Database and not how many trainees have gotten laptops.
The source who pleaded anonymity said the whole essence of the program as intended by Governor Emmanuel has been eroded due to greed by the Commissioner and few others in the ministry.oracle
“The exams should be paid for by the ministry because the governor had since released money for the laptops and registration of the exams for all the 215 trainees. The governor released $275 per head for the registration of the exams. The commissioner registered only 20 trainees for the certification exams, where is the money for the remaining 195 persons. By donating the laptops, she feels the program is completed. What of the certification exams? Does the success of the program rest of the certification of 19 participants out of 200?”, said the source.
The source said Udom Emmnuel is angry with the commissioner over the outcome of the

program, saying that is why the governor shunned the presentation of the laptops by not attending the event or sending a representative.
“How can the Commissioner represent the governor in a program that her ministry implemented and the Permanent Secretary represents her in the same event. Isn’t it laughable?”, the source told TheMail.
One of the trainees who spoke to TheMail on condition of anonymity said those who were so keen about the laptops were former councilors led by one Nkereuwem James.
“These former Local Government councilors are the ones the Commissioner can use cheaply to the detriment of other youths who see the certification as being more important than laptop. The certification can boost employment opportunities of the unemployed youths. Many of the trainees are ready to write the exams because it would provide them with employment opportunities. Oil companies are looking for youths with Oracle certification to employ”, said the trainee.
“Let them pay for the exams let us write it. The governor emphatically said that he wants all the trainees to write the exams. And if 20 people were registered for the exams, 19 passed and one failed, don’t you know a lot of Akwa Ibom youths will be Oracle certified? She succeeded in giving out the laptops after a lot of the pressure from the press but the remaining trainees should be made to write the exams. The Pearson centre has been inaugurated, the commissioner should pay for the exams let’s write it. It is not about carrying an imposter former Councilor to be promoting a program that is failure”, the trainee told our reporter.
Itoro Obot, another trainee said “I signed up for a program to certified as an Oracle Database Administrator and after nearly a year of delays and intrigues all I got is a piece of laptop, no certification. I think the program was a failure”.

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  1. Everything under the ministry of science and technology is not working under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Obot. Even her staffs at the ibom eLibrary have not been paid for three months (feb – april) salary

  2. Looks cheap. Such undertaking should have come in the Ministry’s Letter headed paper.

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