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Uncle Mo runs amok! Deputy Governor plots illegal arrest of The Ink editor

L-R: Nsibiet John, Moses Ekpo

Confirmed sources of information have hinted our news desk that the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Moses Ekpo have moved to use the DSS, Police and some boys to illegally arrest THE INK Editor, Mr. Nsibiet John.

Deputy Governor Moses Ekpo, an inside source who works with the number 2 citizen of the State said is angry that Nsibiet John who edits THE INK NEWSPAPER had to allow a story which alleges that he collects N250 million monthly as security vote yet pretends as if he has been starved by the Udom’s administration.

If could be recalled that on Tuesday 13th September, 2016, THE INK had published a story which alleged that Moses Ekpo, the Deputy Governor in the face of crushing economic hardship is smiling home with N250m monthly as security vote.

No sooner than the report went to press than loyalists of Ekpo started raining abuses on THE INK Editor and members of staff of the corporation.

The Deputy Governor said about two weeks ago after the publication is yet to make a position either actively or passively on the matter. He has rather resorted to some sinister moves geared towards illegal arrest and detention of the enterprising Editor. Part of the moves a source close to Moses Ekpo said was to pick Nsibiet John at the Eldership Ordination of Mr. Aniekan Umanah which held last Sunday at Qua iboe Church, Iko Okoro Road in Abak Local Government Area.

Some security operatives and Moses Ekpo’s aides who leaked the plot to illegally arrest THE INK man said, the Deputy Governor insists that security operatives should trail and pick up Nsibiet John, slam him in either DSS or Police cell before parading him to court in a commando style.

THE INK reporter gathered that if the Police picks up Nsibiet John, onbehalf of the Deputy Governor Moses Ekpo, that INK man will be slammed in a police cell, and that if the DSS picks the Editor, the celebrated reporter will have to be slammed in the DSS cell.

It was also revealed that Mr. Moses Ekpo had arranged with some men of the DSS and some members of the surveillance squad of the Police Force in Akwa Ibom to track down Nsibiet John at all costs.

Findings revealed that during Wednesday’s briefing Governor Udom Emmanuel had with the media community at Government Home Banquet Hall, the State Deputy Governor had expected that his DSS, Police Surveillance and boys will track Nsibiet John and squeeze him out.

But the Editor could not be picked up as he wasn’t present at the interaction. Multiple sources from Abak and in Akwa Ibom Government House had even confided in our reporter that Moses Ekpo is uncomfortable that the money has earns as security vote has been leaked to members of the society. And to this end, Ekpo’s men say it is the determination of the Akwa Ibom State Deputy Governor to seek the head of the Editor of THE INK Newspaper.

Our news desk understands that Ekpo has already assembled a team of lawyers who on getting information that Mr. John is picked, will hurriedly move to court and force an imprisonment of the pressman after he (Nsibiet John) must have been coerced and man handled to disown the story. An aide to the Deputy Governor said: “Da Ete is not happy with that publication, THE INK didn’t need to go to press with that report. As far as we are concerned, that story did not project Uncle Mo in good light. Obongowo is very angry and he has met with the DSS and head of the surveillance team of the Police in Akwa Ibom to ensure that they capture that guy called Nsibiet. Do not forget oga is a journalist and so deserves to be respected and protected by his junior colleagues.”

When contacted, Nsibiet John said he has been informed by some security operatives of the Deputy Governor and citizens of Abat that Uncle Mo is out to pick him illegally using DSS and Police but that he is not bothered or perturbed.

THE INK Editor spoke further that as an Editor of the tabloid, he is responsible for the paper’s editorial content. He maintained that information of the paper does not just fly but it flies after sufficient justifiable reasons.

He maintained that the Paper stands by her story and will be waiting to face the Deputy Governor in court. Nsibiet said, if the Deputy Governor feels that the best he can do is to illegally arrest him, that he can go ahead and challenge him to prove himself at the courts.

THE INK man who spoke to this reporter from CAlabar, Cross River State Capital where he went for an assignment said antics of Ekpo’s Police, DSS and boys movement cannot intimidate him. He said, the tabloid will be waiting for the suits of Moses Ekpo.

He however expressed gratitude to all who called him to demonstrate solidarity and added that many tricks have been applied to get him but that God has always been his shield.

Meanwhile, THE INK can report that Moses Ekpo’s men have confronted Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu, accusing him to have been the one who sent the story to THE INK for publication.

Apart from Isonguyo Iniodu, Mr. Moses Ekpo’s aides have also pointed accusing fingers at a former Deputy Governor of the State as being the one that leaked the N250m security vote money to THE INK for the publication.

The Deputy Governor and his aides could not be reached for comments on why they intend to use the back door to arrest Nsibiet John.

As at the time this paper went to press early this morning, their known phone numbers refused to respond to SMS sent for clarifications.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Udom’s men are up in arms against THE INK and her members of staff. It could be recalled that just last week, a Personal Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Trade and Market Matters, Mr. Idorenyin Raphael had threatened to deal with Emmanuel Akpan, the supervisory Editor of the tabloid. A threat that the Paper says shall not be swept under the carpet.

The attack on the Paper’s Editor by the State Deputy Governor remains to be seen how it will metamorphose.

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