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2023 Guber: When the chips are down

2023 Guber: When the chips are down

Governorship election is not a tea party, especially  for a transiting government. The chances of a sitting Governor winning a second term election is far higher and more certain than an outgoing Governor succeeding in securing victory for his preferred Governorship aspirant to succeed him. Most time, it usually ends up being a 50:50 game, except where the outgoing Governor understands the odds and the even of his lieutenants. Many state Governors have failed thereby serving as case study for others.

In the case of Akwa Ibom State, the upcoming 2023 Governorship election is nothing but a 50:50 game going by the obvious facts and reality.

The reckless ignoring of the Itu/Ibiono zoning sentiment, the choice of a much rejected aspirant and the perceived betrayal-game by the hallelujah supporters are all facts that confirm the Akwa Ibom 2023 Governorship election as a 50:50 game.

While the consequence of the 50:50 game will likely turn up to be a bitter pill for Pastor Umo Eno, chances are that the general election will end up being between Bassey Albert in Young People’s Party and another  Itu/Ibiono candidate in PDP with the usual political retiree in APC.
Governor Udom Emmanuel is not much concerned about who takes over, he is only concerned about the will of God for Akwa Ibom State. God can and will always do His will when no man expects.

When the chips are down, 2023 Governorship narrative will be different from the kangaroo dance we are dancing now.

Daniel Ekpo, 07012655234 writes from Itu Local Government

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