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Akan Udofia…Humility exemplified

Akan Udofia…Humility exemplified

By Udeme Etukeyen

Proverbs 22:4: The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches, honour and life.

This scripture holds so true for Akan Udofia who does nothing from rivalry but modestly counts others more significant than himself.

From a distance, it’s easy to assume that a man of such means and exposure would be unapproachable or possess an air of importance but not with AK as you may not be able to decipher who the billionaire is in the room. His staff, associates and friends eat and banter as equals.

The gentleman commands such infectious candour that draws both young, old, wealthy or even the disadvantaged.

Ever ready to protect the interests of others, taking the form of a servant, being born and groomed in obvious tenets of respect for humanity as well as love for society.

Throughout my professional banking career and political space engagements, it’s glaring that leadership requires more than authority, resources or position. It demands the heart, content and compassion of the discerning, humble and articulate.

For close associates of Akan Udofia, we marvel not at the consummate discretion to which he dispenses assistance. You’d be shocked that the prosperity-for-all-advocate would appropriate school fees, business incentives and intervention to individuals without any political expectations or lavish communication.

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It is for reasons like these and more that we profess hope and delight for the next generation of Akwa Ibom sons and daughters.

This note of appreciation is too great parentage…undiluted love for humanity and the silent impact that this urbane visioner represents.

We salute you Mr Humility…Stay Impactful!

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