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CJID Deputy Director, others graduate School of Politics, Policy and Governance

CJID Deputy Director, others graduate School of Politics, Policy and Governance

Mboho Eno

Mboho Eno, the Deputy Director Accountability programmes of the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID) has graduated from the school of Politics, Policy and Governance. In a stunning display of dedication and commitment, Mr Eno successfully graduated from the unconventional school amongst 180 graduates. 

What sets this achievement apart is the remarkable timeline of 10 months; a feat that has captured the admiration of colleagues and peers alike. SPPG, known for its rigorous curriculum and high academic standards, is no stranger to producing influential leaders and change-makers. 

Speaking at the graduation ceremony on Saturday, a former minister for Education, Oby Ezekwesili enjoined the graduates to be of good character. She urged them to uphold the values of character, competence and capacity that the school preaches. 

What Mrs Oby is saying

Mrs Ezekwesili who is also the founder of SPPG, said Africa will claim the 21st century if it succeeds in correcting its leadership anomalies. She noted that Africa’s problem is poor public leadership; despite millions of talented people in the continent.

“If we succeed in correcting the leadership anomaly that we have on our continent, one thing is certain, Africa will claim the 21st century. What ultimately concludes the matter is that Africa’s problem is poor public leadership; we have said it so often as a continent. We want an Africa that is governed by persons of character, competence and capacity that will transform nations. We are tired of bad leadership and the frequency with which that comes in. The conversation within and outside on the reason Africa is behind all other nations throws up a really big challenge. 

“We cannot simply accept the idea of poor leadership in the public management of our continent. So, SPPG has worked to bring interconnectedness that also mirrors where Africa is going. It, thus, matters that citizens make an effort to change things that are unacceptable. A continent with enough pool of talents has done incredible things, both within and outside.” 

She warned the graduates that the certificate issued to them would be retrieved if they are found wanting in character or competence in any public office.

The graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony, held in Abuja was an event to remember, symbolising excellence and forward-thinking vision. This unconventional educational journey showcases not only Mr Eno’s unyielding determination but also his remarkable capacity to grasp complex subjects and translate theory into practical solutions. This trait has defined his leadership throughout his career.

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The Road Ahead

Armed with SPPG’s newfound knowledge and expertise, Mr Eno is now poised to lead the Election project of the CJID  to even greater heights. He will undoubtedly harness the fresh insights to navigate the intricate spheres of politics, policy, and governance, crafting leading solutions that will benefit Nigeria and West Africa at-large.

About Mr Eno

Mboho Eno is a 2010 graduate of Library and Information from the University of Uyo. He has about fourteen years of experience in NGO operations, programme development and project Monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on health, education and media interventions. 

Mr Eno advocates for good governance and active citizen participation in the electoral process and currently leads media in national elections projects across West Africa. He has successfully led multicultural and diverse election observation missions to Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia and of course multiple election cycle leadership in Nigeria. He believes that political leadership should be held accountable at all times and that young people should lead the charge.

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