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Governor Eno’s increasing priority on education – The Afaha Atai story

Governor Eno’s increasing priority on education – The Afaha Atai story

By Iniobong Akpan

“Education remains the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” —Nelson Mandela

In a demonstration of true leadership characterized by action rather than mere rhetoric, His Excellency, Pastor Umo Eno, has once again reaffirmed his commitment to education advancement in the state. This resolute commitment was highlighted during the funeral service of Deaconess Comfort Joshua Akpaete, a beloved teacher and mother figure, whose passing marked not only a solemn occasion but also a catalyst for transformative change in the community.

Barely a day after the Governor’s directive, the community of Afaha Atai was pleasantly surprised to wake up on Monday morning to the sight of contractors and workers at the school site, diligently commencing the much-anticipated renovation project. With unreserved prioritization, dedication and prompt action, the project began without delay, underscoring Governor Umo Eno’s in-depth commitment to delivering on his promises and meeting the needs of the people.

The swift response to the Governor’s directive has sparked widespread praise and admiration from members of the community, with expressions of gratitude pouring in for His Excellency’s exemplary leadership style. The people of Afaha Atai Village and indeed the neighbouring residents in Eket commend Governor Umo Eno for his “talk and do” approach to governance, which translates promises into tangible results that positively impact the lives of the citizens. Added to that, the entire community seems to be thanking God for the family of the late Matriarch for choosing their village’s Primary school for the occasion leading to the Governor’s presence and subsequent impact on the community.

On Saturday, 24th of February 2024, amidst the grief and mourning of Deaconess Comfort Akpaete’s funeral, His Excellency the Governor, after taking the time to condole with the family and support their memorial foundation, delivered a resounding call to action. He issued a matching order for the fencing and renovation of the Government Primary School, Afaha Atai, the venue of choice by the family for the occasion. He emphasized on the urgent need to secure and provide a safe and conducive learning environment for the pupils and teachers of the community in line with his Arise Agenda program for the Education sector of the state.

This news-making project comes at a time when Governor Umo Eno has been actively championing diverse educational development in the state, ranging from his early intervention in the sector with the release of N100M as educational trust fund for persons living with disabilities in the state, N10M Scholarship for the winner of the 2023 Heirs Life National Essay Competition, N5M law school grant awarded a physically challenged Uniuyo Law School Student, release of N200M for Student Bursary, to the most recent allocation of N779 million to cover the WAEC fees for 48,797 students across the state. All these further demonstrate the Governor’s steady commitment to providing quality education and opportunities for the youths of Akwa Ibom.

For the family of Deaconess Comfort Joshua Akpaete, the transformative impact occasioned by their matriarch’s funeral is a testament to the enduring legacies their mother left behind. Elder Iniobong Akpan, SA to the Governor on New/Digital Media, speaking from the project site, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the Governor’s swift action in fulfilling his promise made during the memorial service of the late Deaconess.

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“The promise made by our dear Governor during the funeral service of our mother, particularly on such a significant day marking the unveiling of the Heart of Comfort Foundation, remains deeply meaningful to us as a family. Also, the speed at which the project has been given priority is truly significant to the entire people of Afaha Atai Village especially the youths who are being engaged as labourers at this biting economic season. In fact, they have been thanking the family separately for inviting the Governor to their community leading to the project commencement in the school. May God bless our amiable Governor for all he is doing for our people and particularly, as we seem to adopt this speedy project as a fundamental memorial in honour of our dear mother” – Elder Iniobong Akpan, remarked.

As Akwa Ibom State continues on its trajectory of progress and development under the visionary leadership of Governor Umo Eno, the people stand united in their support and appreciation for his consistency in the “talk and do” approach to governance which is actually paving the way for a brighter future of our dear state.

A school fenced is a school safe for all – pupils, teachers, parents and the government!

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