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Oro Guber 2015: Prof Eminue reveals how Otu Ita Toyo received bribe from Akpabio to sell out kinsmen

Oro Guber 2015: Prof Eminue reveals how Otu Ita Toyo received bribe from Akpabio to sell out kinsmen

…says “Total Chair” kicked out Oyong Asukwo’s family from their residence


A renowned stakeholder in Oro nation, Prof Okon Eminue has stated that the posturing of the former Peoples Democratic Party Chairman in the State, Arc. Otu Ita Toyo’s as a stakeholder who was involved in the struggle towards the realization of Oro governorship project in 2015 is far from the reality.

Recently, there have been debates from various quarters over what may have caused Oro governorship project to fail in 2015.

In a recent Facebook post from the verified account of Prof Okon Eminue, he wondered what Arc. Otu Ita Toyo meant when he claimed that he was in throughout the struggle and arbitration session of the Oro governorship project.

Prof Eminue noted that contrary to Arc Toyo’s claim, he was not present in Ambassador Uye’s house at Eyo Atai, Udung Uko, where the case was settled by the Council of Oro Traditional Rulers.

The Stakeholder wondered the reason behind what he described as Toyo’s nascent enthusiasm in a review of a Project he never involved himself in.

He insisted that Arc. Otu Ita Toyo (Total Chair) was never interested in Oro Governorship 2015 Project and was never part of the project.

While pointing out that Toyo distanced himself from the Project, he mentioned that those in attendance of the meeting at the COTR were Ovong Hon. Edet O. Isemin, His Excellency Ambassador E.U. Uye, Ikpoto Edet Nkpubre, Offong Nyong I. Nkereuwem, Offong Edet Ekeng, Akpaha Ulo Ante Uye, and Offong Etim Oquong.

Eminue pointed out that of all the prominent Nigerians that stakeholders of the area consulted across the country in company of icons like Professor O.O. Bassey, Ovong E.O. Isemin, the then Chairman of COTR, and Ikpoto N.I. Nkereuwem, Arc. Otu Ita Toyo (Total Chair) never accepted to come along.

He added ” When we consulted with Chief Anthony Anenih (Mr Fix It), Chairman of PDP Board of Trustees (BOT), Total Chair was not there;

“When we consulted the National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki, twice at Abuja, Total Chair was not there;

“When we met with Chief Edwin Clark, this prominent Oron man (Arc. Ita Toyo) was not to be seen;

“When we consulted with Chief Asara E. Asara, President Goodluck Jonathan’s Uncle, Total Chair refused to come along;

Prof Eminue recounted the fact that when Oro stakeholders held Press Conferences in Uyo, Lagos and Abuja, Arc. Toyo was not part of such activities.

He recalled that when they met Afe Annang thrice, including when the stakeholders took Aye to Itai Afe Annang-in-Council, Total Chair was conspicuously absent.

The Professor recalled that when Oro Elders met with their Obolo brothers in Eastern Obolo, the former State Chairman of the PDP was nowhere to be found.

He added “When we consulted with Ibeno people, Arc Otu Ita Toyo was not part of it. When we met with the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Total chair was not there.

“When Obolo National Union (IDAA Obolo) had meetings twice with Oro over Oro 2015 Governorship, Arc Otu Ita Toyo was not there;

“When we attended the Annual Conference of Oron Union USA Incorporated to sensitize our people in Diaspora about Oro 2015 Governorship, Total Chair was not part of it; and

“When the Steering Committee for Oro Governorship 2015 met with and extracted commitment from the 8 Governorship Aspirants of Oro extraction in my (Prof Eminue’s) house that they will remain resolute to to the end, Arc. Ita Toyo was still missing.”

Prof Eminue insisted that the fact that Arc Otu Ita Toyo (Total Chair) was not interested in, and was not part of, the Oro Governorship 2015 Project explains why he became the greatest beneficiary of Governor Godswill Akpabio’s largesse.

He revealed that Godswill Akpabio had handsomely rewarded Total Chair by donating a duplex to him in the Commissioners’ Quarters along Lagos Street, Ewet Housing Estate.

Prof Eminue said that the very house that was allotted Arc. Toyo was the house that Governor Godswill Akpabio, while on condolence visit to Pastor Oyong Asukwo’s Family, promised he would allocate to Oyong’s wife and children.

He said sooner was he allotted the house that Total Chair went ahead and chased Oyong’s Wife and children out of that residence causing Oyong’s wife and children to go and squat in a Church premises.

He said since then, Oyong Asukwo’s Family have been homeless.

Prof Eminue explained that it is only now that Oyong’s two loyal boys, Godwin Okponung and the Chairman of Eket Local Government, Hon. Frank Archibong, are putting resources together to build a house for Oyong’s Wife and children in Shelter Afrique.

He however pointed out that Arc Otu Ita Toyo could not gain entry into that duplex because, on his first visit to the house, he was confronted with psychic phenomenon which explains why he sold the house to an APC prime mover at a sumptuous sum of N74 Million.

Prof Eminue queried “For Governor Godswill Akpabio who denied Oro of Governorship and is regarded in certain quarters as a pathological hater of Oro, why did he accept the Greek gift from Godswill Akpabio?

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“Given the mood that subsists in Oro over denial of Oro Governorship, why did he mount pressure for Oyong’s house to be allocated to him?

“If the house allocation was compensation for making Godswill Akpabio win the Governorship nomination in 2006, why didn’t the Governor give him money to build a virgin house or allocate a house to him when he was the PDP State Chairman?

“Even if Governor Godswill Akpabio had suggested he was going to allocate to him the house in which Oyong’s family was staying, why did he not turn that offer down and ask for another allocation, knowing fully well that taking Oyong’s house would be tantamount to throwing Oyong’s family into the street?”

Prof Eminue insisted that the truth of the matter is that, Arc. Ita Toyo did not believe in Oro Governorship 2015.

He maintained that Toyo was not actually involved because, if Governor Godswill Akpabio ever knew that he was a believer in Oro Governorship 2015, he would never have allocated the house to him.

The Professor explained that Toyo tacitly supported Governor Akpabio’s Transition Programme evident in the way Akpabio is consistently known to lavish material possession on those who sincerely support his political agenda.

The Professor recalled that he, Ikpoto Okon Osung, Dr. Effiong Edunam mounted so much pressure on Arc Toyo to join the 2015 Governorship race in the hopeful expectation that 2015 could be payback time by Governor Akpabio whom he had assisted to office in 2007 and that Oro could stand to profit in the process.

He recounted that Total Chair eventually agreed to join the race and when asked whom he would like to have as the Director-General of his Governorship Campaign Organization, he mentioned Dr. Ahaziah Umanah, ex-staff of Akwa Ibom State University.

Prof Eminue added “We (Dr. Effiong Edunam, Ikpoto Okon Osung and I) all arranged to see Dr. Ahaziah Umanah at Abak, and after the penultimate meeting, Dr. Umanah accepted the offer, asking that Total Chair should meet the following conditionalities:

“Provide him with a Hilux Van to enhance his mobility; place him on an attractive monthly salary; provide a functional, well-equipped campaign secretariat, provide office imprest and promise him appointment if Total Chair won the election.”

He said all the aforementioned perquisites were to be in place in two weeks’ time before Dr. Ahaziah Umanah’s return from the USA, where he was going to visit his family.

Prof Eminue revealed that on their way back to Uyo from Abak, Total Chair surprised all of them who were enthusiastic and hopeful about the prospect of his governorship bid when he told them that he would not contest and that Umana Okon Umana was the one who had the political muscle or clout to take the PDP Governorship Ticket in the State.

He said they also noticed that Total Chair had already directed one of his known close political allies in Oro Nation to align himself with Umana Okon Umana’s Governorship Campaign Organization.

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