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2023 guber: Udom cries out over betrayal by PDP structure

2023 guber: Udom cries out over betrayal by PDP structure


Ahead of the PDP governorship nomination exercise holding next year, Governor Udom Emmanuel has cried out over the level of betrayal by the party structure in the state.

The governor said the level of treachery by the party structure is quite disappointing, stating that those involved in treacherous activities will not go unpunished.

The governor made these comments last Friday during the swearing-in of the immediate past State Chairman of PDP, Obong Paul Ekpo and others as Chairman and members of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).

“…the second aspect of it will be the Supervisors. I think we are almost ready. Me as a governor, I don’t even know the supervisor from my…I don’t even know my Councilor not to talk of supervisors. So we have allowed the stakeholders to have that sense of belonging because I made a pledge that PDP means power to the people and we allow the people to do it.

“But it is extremely disappointing, extremely disappointing. When people hear about treachery, treachery doesn’t have any level, even your driver can be treacherous and the same punishment that goes to somebody who is treacherous in a minor thing is the same punishment that goes to the person who is treacherous in a large thing. If I trusted you with something that the day I need it you will give it back to me. It is the highest level of trust. But the same set of people now, you go back, they’ve scattered. That is treachery. I mean, there are millions of people we could have given those things to. We could have also sacked you and appoint people whom the day we need them we will get them.

“So when you hear people going about taking oath for N20,000, we’ve preached this thing over and over again. It is the highest level of treachery and whoever is treacherous can never go unpunished. Whether you say Amen or not, whoever is treacherous can never go unpunished. Peter was treacherous he was punished. Check, everybody who had ever been treacherous can never go unpunished. We gave you something to keep, we come back, you say no, it is no more there for you. Who else gave you? We gave you. We could as well done it our own selves.

“Let people play this thing and know that….well, we used to say those days that ‘there is God ooo’. So, let people play this thing and know that there is God. I am not bothered, but it has never augured with such people. Check those people, how much progress they’ve made. Those who are fond of in the name of ‘Your Excellency, you know this is what we do all through our lives, it is called politics, that is the way politics goes, there is always betrayal in politics’.

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“Betrayal can never go unpunished. No matter what name you call, you cannot change the natural rule not to talk of the supernatural. So, please, as we put people in position of trust, that we also trust you to hand over our structure to, the day we need it give it back to us and God will bless you. But if you don’t give it back to us, punishment awaits you because we gave you in trust. It is a requirement that when you are put in position of trust, you must be loyal, once you are disloyal you get punished. That is why some of us, no matter what we do it doesn’t augur well. Some of them, even if I bring the federal reserve treasury of America and Canada and put in their houses they cannot prosper because the Bible says once the foundation is faulty, there is nothing the righteous can do.

“Some people doing this have children. How can you have children and then you go and administer Mbiam on another person? How can you have your own children and go and take Mbiam (fetish oath)? You don’t even know the impact that will have on your children. I am not telling anybody to go and administer Mbiam on anybody.

“Unfortunately, politics that there is nothing like ‘thus says the Lord’. Whether we believe it or not, all power belongs to God and He gives it to whoever he wishes. It doesn’t really bother me but it bothers on the fact that people should learn. Things have changed. Things happen every day for people to appreciate God and know that things are no more the way they used to be”, he said.

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