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AKS 2023 Election: All Politicians fingered in Cultism must absolve themselves on national media – Fathers of Faith insists

AKS 2023 Election: All Politicians fingered in Cultism must absolve themselves on national media – Fathers of Faith insists

By Ekemini Simon

The Spiritual Father’s Forum a.k.a Fathers of Faith, Akwa Ibom State, has said that all politicians interested in the 2023 elections of the State but have been accused of belonging to cult or occultic organisation must either absolve themselves on national media or lose the support of the people.

The Chairman of the Forum, Prelate Sunday Mbang made this known while at a Press Conference organised by the Forum on Thursday in Uyo.

Prelate Mbang revealed that 13 persons who are interested in elective positions in Akwa Ibom State but have been fingered as belonging to cult organisations have approached him to clear their names.

Although Mbang did not mention names of the politicians who have approached him to clear their name, he insisted that the only way they can clear their name is making the denial through a national press conference.

He said “As far as I’m concerned, let me let you know that about 13 of them have come to me and my attitude is that they must go and address a national press conference and deny being in cult.

” If they don’t, for us, we know that they are members of cult. We will not have anything to do with them. Anybody who wants to be Governor, because of what cultism has done to our children, if he doesn’t go to the press and tell the press that he is not a member, christians will not vote for him.”

The Chairman of the Forum stated that the reason the group is interested in the issues of occult and cultism in Akwa Ibom State stems from the fact that the State is made up of over 90 per cent christians.

He noted that the Forum has observed that today, in the Church, Government, public and private services of the state, as well as all levels of school system, cultism has crawled in as canker worm, to destroy the citizens.

While offering insight to the fact that cultism has polluted the character and behavior of youths and even minor, he added “They are also very concerned about succession and replenishing of their ranks and membership. They recruit through deception and provision of material incentives and benefits. These are some of the reasons our politics have become polluted, violent and very expensive.

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“We cannot, as Christian leaders, allow the continuous perversion of the characters and spirits of our citizens, hence our opposition to cultism, spreading its evil tentacles in our State and Nation.”

The Forum’s Chairman stressed that they are committed to praying, counseling and openly working to ensure that peace and progress subsist in the state and nation and that citizens are saved from the suffocating and alluring hold of cultists and occultists.

He added ” Therefore the Spiritual Fathers’ Forum cannot and will not support the election of a known cultist into our political system and political offices.

“If we are to turn away from the insurrections, insecurities, conflicts, violence and evils that currently afflict this nation and some sections of this state, you have to join the struggles and adopt the objectives of the Spiritual
Fathers’ Forum, so as to return the nation and her citizens to the paths of peace, morality, prosperity and good governance.”

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