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Facebook Marketing – What to Post

Facebook Marketing – What to Post

“Facebook Marketing –What to Post”. Don’t forget we are taking a very little part of Digital Marketing in this series which is Facebook Marketing. And in this edition I will show you how to make your first post and what to post to get that needed engagement on your Facebook page.

Now if you are having a brand new page, you will notice that the cover page and the profile picture appears as a post on your page. This is not good for your page. Click on the three dots at the top of that post (if you are using a computer), then on the dropdown you can hide them from your viewers. If you have the delete option you can also delete it. Personally, I hide it.

We want the post that we will show to our audience to be very valuable so they understand why they should like the page and why they should want to see update from you in their news feed. That is why it is important, before you go ahead to invite people to like your page, you should create 3 to 5 contents to really show why somebody should follow your page.

The first post you should make is a milestone post. To do a milestaone post, go to the top of the add post area where you have “Write Something” or “Write a Post” text area. You will see the options of what you may intend to post there displayed as a menu. “Status, Photo/View, etc.” Click on ‘Product’ menu and click “Add a milestone to your page”. Then you can just say something like “We’re open for Business” under the title option in the pop up.

Choose location if your business has a physical location. Put in the date you are making the post and add the story. In the story text area you can say something like “we’re delighted to say that we are open for business. We look forward to engaging with you here on our brand new Facebook page. Like this page to stay updated”.

You can add anything like a call to like the page, you can upload a photo perfectly designed to welcome your customers, users and Followers. Click Save. In the next post you can add a link to a blog article you have already made. But if you are really confused of what to post, simply look up at some of your competitors’ pages.

Assuming you are running a restaurant, what you do is to find a couple of restaurants’ pages that you consider successful on Facebook, it could be local or international. Check out what they post and how they arrange their posts. Even consider the engagements they had when they made that specific post. You could see a post like “Officially open in Uyo from 1 pm today” then a picture of people queuing at the door to your office.

This could create a whole lot of engagements. This is because anybody in the city will likely tag friends, share the post because they know the address where the business is located and even know the time the business is opening.

Another strategy could be to offer free stuffs. On your page you can make your expected customers salivate with beautiful images while offering them that free stuff. For fast-foods you can say “Like free burgers? Free burgers in our new Uyo branch from 3pm tomorrow Saturday (Until we run out). Address is …

Offer some special incentives or something special to your expected customers depending on your target audience. There is nothing wrong in you offering what the Ibibios call “Ukang” which is a special traditional delicacy of fish offered with red oil. Make the images beautiful and appetizing.

So especially for local businesses, your first posts are a brilliant opportunity for you to engage your customer. You could offer something like free consultation. Anything, depending on the strategy designed and the nature of your business. Use your first post to create excitement, this is a great idea.

So looking up at competitors on Facebook is a great place to find ideas on what to post. Like I said earlier, consider the level of engagement on each post and consider how you can restructure same to engage your audience and suit your business. What are the type of content? Is it a gift? Free consultation? Offer of some solutions to challenges encountered by your customers? Check out how your competitors are doing it.

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Now you can also target seasons and events. Example “December is just by the corner, so you can book at this address That is if you’re coming to Uyo”. With such posts you are going to get people sending emails to you. This will help you get a mailing list which you can use while promoting your business. You can upload a video that will catch people’s attention.

Create a sense of urgency or ‘out-of-stock’ mindset on your followers. E.g “Last few days to catch this lunch special”. Obviously every business has a different strategy and approach but it is really good to look up at what others post before your first post.

Like I said earlier, it could be a competition, it could be a free tutorials on how to use your product or free consultation, but you need to have 3 to 5 posts on your page before you invite anybody to like your page so that they have that reason to hit the “like button” to see more of your posts in the future.

If you can get them to engage with your content that will be better. That will give you a fertile land to spread and market your business.

I hope this article was not to long for your read but if it was, I am really sorry. But I hope it was worth the reading. Definitely I know you might have learnt one or two things here today. Like I said earlier this year, I will be committed to helping you make maximum use of the tools we have in the IT industry for the benefit of your businesses. Please let’s meet again next week and don’t forget to call whenever you get stuck.

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