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Prince Akpabio kicks against Buhari’s 774,000 jobs initiative

Prince Akpabio kicks against Buhari’s 774,000 jobs initiative

The Commissioner for Trade and Investment in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Ukpong Akpabio, has kicked against the Federal Government of Nigeria’s initiative to employ 774,000 persons across the country.
Akpabio, who said the idea would encourage laziness among youths, stated that the initiative would not grow the economy.
Speaking on Thursday in Uyo while inspecting expansion work at the Dakkada Cottage Industries, the Commissioner said giving money to the youth for doing nothing was archaic and would not achieve the desired result of developing and expanding individual economies.
He advised the federal government to use the money to boost Small and Medium Enterprises because of the multiplier effect on individuals and the nation’s economy.
“That money could have been better utilised in growing SMEs.
“For instance, if you use that amount for one local government to boost 100 small businesses in that area, do you know the multiplier effect it will have?
“That 100 SMEs will empower another set of people.
“Some of the SMEs will not only employ some people, they will also train some other people and purchase machineries and raw materials from others.
“Their finished products will also be distributed by another set of people.
“They are encouraging our young people to be lazy.
“It is wrong for you to be calling people out to give them palliatives and handout when the economy needs revival.
“It is wrong and that was what we suffered in the last administration in this state,” he stated.

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