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When common sense goes on vacation; the case of Usoro Akpanusoh

When common sense goes on vacation; the case of Usoro Akpanusoh

By Comrd. Godwin Elijah

My attention has been drawn to an hasty interview which from all indications was done online because the interviewee isn’t in the country.

When I thought we were done with the Ward Congress, Usoro is still conducting his and is still not satisfied. Even when we went for a rerun, he’s still not happy with himself. One may begin to wonder what he really wants?

The ‘non inclusion’ that he complains lives with him. The current and re-elected Ward Chairman of his Ward is his cousin, the Chapter Treasurer of the PDP in Esit Eket is his immediate younger brother. Slots for jobs allocated to him are shared amongst his family members.

In balancing the lies in that interview, the Chapter Youth Leader Hon. Emem Sunday Peter, Usoro claims is from Elder Ben’s Ward actually comes from Usoro’s Zone(Ward 6), the Chapter Woman Leader Mrs Grace Itama comes from Zone C (Ward7)

The Local Government Chairman is from Ward 3 and that’s not Elder Ben’s Ward as stated in his interview. From inception of the PDP, Usoro’s Zone (Zone B) and Zone C has always been producing State Officers of the Party, why cry foul if Zone A is taking the shot for the first time?
Nobody is stopping Usoro from seeking re-election, but he shouldn’t feel he’s the only one with moral right to seek political office.

The State House position which he enjoys today has been jostling between the 2 Zones (B and C) and he hasn’t seen anything wrong with it. Even as he seeks re-election, has he cared to find out what the interest of Zone A which Elder Ben hails from is? Calling out a respectable and good hearted man like Elder Ben on a daily marvels every right thinking human.

Elder Ben hated you so much but spent so much to see to your emergence? All the antics orchestrated in recent times aren’t new to us the people of Esit Eket. All those who left the party as claimed by you went for thier personal business, some came back when they saw it wasn’t as rosy as they thought; but others wouldn’t due to bloated ego.

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Nobody should hide under the pretext of Ward Congress and perpatuate anti party activities. You love the party so much and wish it succeeds, how much have you funded the party at the chapter level let alone the state? Whoever takes your sole agitation seriously needs to be examined.

While others wish they had the likes of Elder Ben in their area, our House Member seeks to enthrone himself.

Our common senses are intact, we’ll make use of it in times like this.

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