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Nsit Ibom: Eric Akpan’s scorecard of lies, desperation exposed

Nsit Ibom: Eric Akpan’s scorecard of lies, desperation exposed

As the struggle for who takes over the affairs of Nsit Ibom Local Government Council garners steam, the incumbent chairman, Hon. Eric Akpan who is nursing a second term bid is alleged of sponsoring lies in media to divert the minds of people from his poor performance in almost 3 years. 
His poor performance in his first term sparked off protests from indigenes of the area who are rejecting his second term bid.
It is on record that since he declared his intention to contest for a second term, there have been series of protests, petitions against him from the people which pundits believe is as a result of mismanagement of funds and poor performance.
According to some of the protesters who demonstrated at the Ewet Housing residence of the political leader of the LGA, Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga, they are aggrieved that instead of Eric to complete some of the projects he initiated (which they believe was used to play politics and siphon funds from council’s coffers), he is sponsoring self acclaimed political leaders for endorsement and syndicate lies on social media as scorecard, which exist only in his imagination.
“From the said scorecard he presented to some fake political leaders he created on his own to endorse him for a second term, he said he has created roads in Nsit Ibom, which is nothing but a lie, because he’s the only chairman from the local that has not created roads, except the shabby grading of just 2km of five wards of Asang.
“Talking about building a perimeter fence for the council, it is very sad and worrisome that he could be proud to tell the people that he used over 30million to build a fence for the council, without even completing it. What a waste!
“Another laughable and depressing thing that has continued to be a source of worry and concern to the men, women, youths of Nsit Ibom, who are determined to show Eric an exit door is his habit of bragging that he renovated the legislative chambers, a chamber that the money budgeted for the renovation was bigger than the actual money that was used in building it. This, he did just to corner the money from the local government and pay for lies to be published in his bid and desperation for a second term.
“The said scorecard always mentioned the provision of school desks to primary schools in Afia Nsit, Mbiaso, and others, but it is important to note that the school desks were provided by the state government and not initiated by Eric Akpan and the only thing he did was to deliver it to the schools.
“On realizing that the zoning rotation does not favour him, he called a meeting of party officials to his house, unknown to the people that he was planning to make it an endorsement meeting, which later backfired, as some of the officials left there angry”, said a PDP stakeholder from  Mbiaso Ward IV who preferred to remain anonymous.

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