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Uyo boils as Ikono Clan protests exclusion from supervisors list

Uyo boils as Ikono Clan protests exclusion from supervisors list

The Uyo Local Government Council confirmed list of 10 Supervisors and Special Advisers which has completely excluded one of the four clans has resulted in serious protest by people of the clan consisting of 18 villages.

Protesting electorates from the marginalized clan said they had suffered similar fate when additional electoral wards were created for the other three clans leaving theirs omitted, therefore they have kicked against the leadership of the ruling party PDP for repeatedly suppressing the interest of the clan to pacify other clans in Uyo and have vowed to take drastic measures if the petition sent to Gov. Udom Emmanuel and the party does not attract positive response.

Mr. Iboro Williams Ebong, the Secretary of Ikono Ibom Frontiers, a grassroots mobilization group has called on all indigenes to reject any alternative deceptive measures from the party to distract them from demanding the rectification of the list to contain at least two nominees from the clan to occupy the position of Supervisor or Special Adviser.

He said from all indications, it is a deliberate conspiracy by some political leaders from other clans who have advantage of being close to the governor and the system, therefore they are using that to plot against the interest of the clan even when the clan is an integral part of the local government area that has also played significant role in the emergence of the governor and overall victory of PDP.

The secretary while addressing a crowd of members who came to submit protest letter for onward delivery to the governor and party added that the political environment in the clan would change to discomfort those who think that there is no alternative to PDP leaders’ continued marginalization through deceptive politics in the clan.

According to him, Ikono Ibom Frontiers will team up with people are fully aware now of those who do not wish well to take appropriate actions to disassociate the clan from their political direction because there are several instances to tell electorates ahead of 2023 how much PDP leaders hate the clan.

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Mr. Ebong called on PDP leaders from the clan warming up to contest future election to reconsider their intentions if they cannot convince the governor to drop the present list and reconstitute another to include the clan.

Our reporter observed that there is evident dissatisfaction written on faces of Ikono Ibom people who were interviewed on the issue even as most said they would decamp to opposition party if the situation remains unchanged.

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