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Juju scare hits Akwa Ibom Government House

Juju scare hits Akwa Ibom Government House

There is currently a scare of heavy diabolism in Akwa Ibom State Government House, TheMail can report.

Government House sources who cannot be named in this report for safety reasons told our reporter last weekend that the death of the governor’s trusted personal security detail, Kaliya Karda Ndirmbula is not a “normal death” as there is a strong belief in government circles that he must have been killed via diabolical means.

TheMail learnt that Kaliya was sick for some time before his eventual death. His death, according to close sources defied every form of medication.

Kaliya was a trusted security aide of the governor. He was an agent of the Department of State Services (DSS).

In the governor’s security architecture, he was arguably the most influential and was seen as the governor’s “last man standing”.

Our sources say that there have been a battle of superiority in the governor’s security architecture between police officers and agents of the SSS.

Apart from the battle for superiority and ego, the feud between the police and the DSS also owes to growing concerns by the police to be favoured just like their counterparts in the DSS or even more. The policemen are said to be interested in also enjoying the perks the DSS personnel get, hence the infighting.

According to an insider in the Government House security circle, the DSS personnel feel that they were employed into the agency as graduates, whereas most of the policemen were employed as SSCE holders, hence they are more intelligent and superior to the policemen. They also feel the training they get when enlisted into the agency makes them the better security personnel and gives them the edge in providing close body protection to the governor.

The policemen on the other hand feel that the DSS have been overzealous and disrespectful to them. Some of them who confided in our reporter said Kaliya was the ringleader of the DSS that used to oppress them.

These feuds between men of both security agencies have led to accusation and counter accusations of diabolical means being deployed by men of both security outfits in outwitting each other.

Sources told our correspondent that some policemen in Government House were last week seen jubilating and drinking to celebrate the passage of Kaliya whom they saw as a torn in their flesh.

This celebrations have further given flesh to the insinuations in some quarters that the death of Kaliya may actually not be natural.

A DSS operative who serves in Government House told our reporter that some of his colleagues in the DSS who are serving in Government House are being attacked via juju by policemen. He said some of them are battling strange sicknesses that have defied medical solutions.

The Governor’s CSO recently gave a testimony at Winners Chapel of how he overcame spiritual attack and strange sickness. The CSO said he almost died if not for the spiritual intervention of the General Overseer of Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo whom he ran to for prayers.

Juju scare is not new at Government House. During the era of Chief Godswill Akpabio as Governor, his official driver who was a policeman was inflicted with “farting disease”. This made the driver to fart each time the then governor was inside the vehicle. It was only after he was sacked that he stopped the excessive farting.

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The Governor is said to have been badly hit by the sudden demise of Kaliya, his most trusted security aide. The Governor is said to have developed a lot of love for Kaliya. The Governor is reported to be the sponsor of two of Kaliya’s kids who were schooling in university oversees. Part of the perks late Kaliya is reported to have enjoyed from the governor was a monthly allowance of N1m and a token of N200,000 travelling allowance each time the governor travels out of Akwa Ibom.

“This perks, alongside his perceived overbearing influence in government circle might have set him up for jealousy and possible spiritual attack”, a government House source told TheMail.

The Governor left Uyo last week Thursday afternoon to attend Kaliya’s funeral in Abuja. As at the time of filing this report on Monday night, he was yet to return to the state. Most of the government officials who followed the governor to the burial returned on Saturday but the governor is yet to be back.

In Government, Kaliya served as Udom’s security detail right from his days as Secretary to Akwa Ibom State Government. According to sources, when Udom emerged as Governor, Kaliya was expected to be appointed as the governor’s Chief Security Officer or Chief Security Detail, but he wasn’t at the rank that he could serve the governor in such capacity. So immediately the governor was sworn-in, agents of the DSS who were qualified to be appointed CSO and chief security detail were sent in from headquarters to serve in those capacities.

But due to the Governor’s trust and love for Kaliya, he still kept him in his security team, making him his most influential security aide even over his ADC, CSO and chief detail.

Our sources say Kaliya won more trust from the governor when he confronted DSS operatives from Abuja who invaded Akwa Ibom Government House in September 2015. The DSS operatives were said to raid the Government House on orders from “above” over allegations that the state government was stockpiling arms and stashing cash in the government house.

Kaliya also served in Aso Rock in the Olusegun Obasanjo era between 1999-2007. A Christian from Borno State, Kaliya is survived by wife and children.

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