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ViaNile (All-In-One-App) Launches with Innovative Features

ViaNile (All-In-One-App) Launches with Innovative Features

…ViaNile to Beat Facebook, soon- Senator Albert Predicts

By Ekemini Simon

ViaNile, a digital application that changes how people work, communicate, share, buy and sell has been unveiled.

ViaNile, described as more than just an app, was unveiled in Uyo on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.
The application is designed for Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing and Streaming, Virtual workplace, workgroup, and marketplace.

The app also has the capacity to turn one’s smartphone into a walkie talkie, create store and sell, virtual workplace and workgroup, marketplace among other capabilities. 

According to the Executive Director Operations, ViaNile Global Operations, Mr. Atai Albert, ViaNile is more than a social media application but a digital container in the social media space.

He noted that the application is built with the African continent in mind as it requires a much lower bandwidth for good connectivity considering network limitations in Africa. He said with the app, one can edit any message already sent even as provisions are made for sent messages to be automatically deleted within a desired time of the user. 

The Director added ” The ViaNile platform also has features that enable users to see products or businesses wherever they are. For instance, if you travel from one state to another within any country and you want to buy something, by visiting the BusinessNetwork section, you can use the “Map Search” to find the proximity of a particular business to you. With this option, you can also see the exact number of miles or kilometres it will require for you to arrive at each of such shops or business locations.

“ViaNile can be a tool that is very powerful when it comes to locating addresses as well as places of every professional activity with a very high degree of accuracy. It helps to display locations of professionals as well as businesses thereby giving them better visibility.”
Albert who is also a United States based technology expert said the company’s target is that within a short time, they will be the main source of information on Africa, Africans and amongst the Diaspora population.  

” We can’t pretend not to be part of the global dynamics and think the world will wait on us . The Nile River is one of the foremost waterways in Africa. Since we wanted to show how important it is to Africa, we named it after Nile. You can’t compare this app to any other app. This is because all the features you have in other apps are all in one with ViaNile.”

The Director of Operations stated that the philosophy behind ViaNile is to use the wealth created in Africa to directly empower Africans to have a foothold on the emerging digital economy.

He added “A good percentage of the profit from ViaNile will be used to fund start-ups across African continent while also training young Africans in the development of emerging technologies like Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Payment Gateways, browsers, app stores, Cyber security and also help in the deployment of these companies to use their skills.”
Albert said the app can be downloaded on Google play store through iphone, ipad and Androids.

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In his goodwill message, the Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East, Senator Bassey Albert thanked ViaNile for unveiling the app in Akwa Ibom State.

 He said the choice of the launching is an indication that the State is an emerging technology hub. Albert stressed that the stride must be sustained and built upon especially as the top five (5) companies in the world are all technology based.

The Lawmaker said the features embedded in the app has the potential to not just compete favourably with other popular applications like Facebook but beat them.
” It is clear that Akwa Ibom State is emerging as a major technology hub. I am glad you are doing this in Akwa Ibom State. In the next three years, technology will rule the world. All the top five (5) companies in the world are technology companies. 

” With the unique features of this app, I can say confidently that soon ViaNile will beat Facebook. It is like taking Facebook and WhatsApp into one app.”

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